School Girl Fantasy  

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11/9/2018 11:59 am
School Girl Fantasy

School Girl Fantasy

I was sitting on my favorite recliner early one Friday afternoon relaxing after a hard morning of yard work. I began thinking about all the high school girls that I’d seen walking by as I worked. Some were dressed in jeans and tee-shirts and others had on miniskirts and blouses. But the ones that I remembered most were those girls in school uniforms. I loved how those short plaid skirts and silky black blouses looked as their perky tits teasingly pressed against the fabric. And oh, those sexy young legs and tight asses were so hot….

Sylvia, my sexy young wife walked into the living room and handed me a cold glass of tea to slake my thirst. We chatted for a bit about what we needed to do that evening, and what we need to get at the grocery store and Walmart. As I looked at her, I began to wonder why I was so infatuated with those school girls when I had such a hot wife by my side…
Now my wife is very hot and has the body of a Venus.

Her tits are large, firm and full with nice, perky, pink nipples that get hard as a rock when excited. She has a wonderful round ass that is so firm that you could bounce a quarter off of it, and lovely long, slender legs. Her hair is blond and is long, soft and silky. She has the most beautiful blue eyes that one could imagine and pouty full, sensual cherry red lips…

She was wearing a lovely silk blue blouse and a medium length shirt that showed off her sexy ass and legs making her a true hottie that any man would be proud to have in his life. Looking at her and listening to that soft, sexy, alluring voice was thrilling and a real turn on...

Sylvia let me rest for awhile while she did our laundry and a few household chores. Then she asked me if I was ready to go to the store and get some dinner. I said:”Yes let’s get it done so we can relax and watch a movie tonight.” Well, we got in the car and took off and headed to Appleby’s, our favorite eating place. We had a nice meal and then took off for Walmart to get the few things that we needed. While we were there Sylvia spotted some nice plaid skirts and some sexy looking blouses and bras and panty sets.

She tried a few on and modeled them for me. It reminded of the teenagers and their hot little outfits that I’d seen this afternoon. I told her I had to go get something and left her to her clothes and took off for the Electronics Department to get my printer ink. I picked up what I needed and went to meet up with her so we could head to the grocery store and get the rest of our shopping done. When I found her she was holding a few bags in her hand, so I asked her what she’d bought.

She smiled demurely at me and said nothing special, just some stuff that I need. We went to the grocery store and got what we needed and took off for home. When we got there we unloaded the car and got things put away. Sylvia said: “ going to get a quick shower before we watched our rented movie. I said take your time and turned the TV on and began watching a cop show as I waited for her to shower…

Twenty minutes later she came out of the steamy bathroom looking like a drowned rat. Her long blond hair hung down in her face and she was dripping all over the floor. Sylvia was a sexy sight standing there half naked. She smiled at me as she gave me a little tease by dropping her towel just enough so that I could only get a little peek of her luscious full breasts. Then off to the bedroom she went to finish drying of and get dressed…

I heard the hair drier kick on as she began to get her hair nice and dry. Shortly, I heard her rummaging through her dresser drawers and then I heard the closet door opening as she looked for something. I heard her come out of the bedroom and head for the bathroom. I could hear her humming a sweet little ditty and then the water faucet came on as she began brushing her teeth.

Pretty soon the water shut off and I smelled her perfume as she sprayed it all over herself. I loved the sexy scent of her vanilla bean perfume, and it always turned me on. She piddled around in the bathroom for a few more minutes then I heard her humming as she came into the living room with a beautiful but teasing smile on her face…

Not looking away from the TV, I said: “Are you ready to watch the movie now?” Sylvia said: “Not yet, going to go fix some popcorn and get us a something to snack on and something to drink.” I said: “Ok.” So off to the kitchen she went to get everything ready for the movie. Several minutes later she came back in with a tray loaded with our snacks and sodas. I looked up at her and for the first time saw why she took so long getting ready for the movie...

I was amazed by what she had on. Sylvia twirled and pranced around laughing like an excited school girl then bent over teasing me like a stripper does, just giving me a brief peek at her sexy white silk and lace underwear. Then she stood up and modeled her outfit for me. Sylvia was wearing a very short red and black plaid skirt and a silky white blouse unbuttoned to her breasts. I could see a silky white bra under her blouse and a gold necklace hanging between her large breasts. Sylvia had put on makeup too.

Her eyelids were a smoky black. The lipstick she wore was a bright shade of ruby red and glittered in the soft light. She was looked so very sexy and very enticing in her little outfit and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as she softly whispered: “ going to take you to school tonight honey. Then I knew that she had seen my ogling the little school girl tarts as they passed the house this afternoon…

She seductively walked to our tall column-like Romanesque planter, her hips and ass swaying and gyrating all over the place. She placed her hands on top of the planter and began to slowly dance around it teasing me with her fiery, flirty glances and bent over giving me a peek of her beautiful full breasts.

Then Sylvia dropped to her knees and seductively began to crawl around on the floor as she shook her tight ass. She looked up at me smiled, winked, lifted her hand, curling her fingers, pointed a finger at me wiggling it seductively at me and gave me one of those come hither looks.

When I didn’t move from my place on the couch she slowly crawled over to me and put her hands on my legs and gave me a hurt look. I laughed at her and said: “ only teasing you and playing hard to get.” She smiled at that, swung her long hair around and began waving her arms in the air slowly gyrating her waist like a belly dancer. She stood up and began to do a sensual dance around the room. It was an exotic and very erotic sight to see her behave like that and it was beginning to make me very horny….

Finally tired of teasing me Sylvia slithered over to me and leaned over and gave a kiss then flopped down on the couch. She smiled at me and said: “Go put our movie on.” I got up found the DVD put it in the player and turned it on and walked back to the couch and sat down beside her. We sat and watched the movie with our arms wrapped around one another. When the movie ended I turned off the DVD player and ejected the movie, and headed to the bathroom to relieve myself. Sylvia headed for the bedroom and closed the door behind her. Well, I did my business and went to the bedroom only to find the door locked.

I knocked on the door and asked Sylvia to let me in. she said: “In a few minutes I’ll unlock the door and you can come in.” I wondered what the hell she was up to in there. A few minutes later the door opened and I walked into the darkness and saw candles lit all over the bedroom. Sylvia had turned on some romantic music and was laying under our silky sheets in the middle of the king sized bed with her eyes closed sensually smiling at me. I immediately began to strip out of my clothes anticipating a long, hot, passion filled night of exquisite mind numbing sex with my beautiful wife …

I saw her little school girl outfit lying next to the bed and my thoughts turned to how sexy she had looked in it as she flirtatiously danced around for me earlier this evening. I thought that what she had done was so sexy and couldn’t get over the fact that she had tried to fulfill one of my fantasies.

I finally turned my attention back to my lovely lady and reached over to pull the sheets down so that I could slide in next to her but Sylvia held onto the sheets not letting me pull then down and giggled like a little school girl. Every time that I tried to get them off of her she tugged them closer to her chest and laughed at me. She was taunting and teasing me like a virgin school girl about to have sex for the first time…

Well, I thought, two can play this game. So like a school boy with a raging hard on I yanked the covers off of her and got on top of her and began to tickle and kiss her cheeks like a wild child. She giggled and moved her face away from me, continuing to play her little school girl game with me. I kept up my part of the game, penned her arms to the bed straddled rubbing my raging hard on against her body as I tried to kiss her.
Finally she gave in and pulled the sheets off of her revealing a silky white teddy with little roses all over it reminiscent of an innocent school girl’s naughty sleep wear. Sylvia’s long blond hair was all spread out on her pillow giving her the appearance of Botticelli’s Venus riding the ocean waves on a seashell. To me Sylvia was indeed a charming goddess of erotic love. She looked very beautiful and innocent lying there on the bed...

Finally she gave into me. In a meek, school girl’s’ voice she softly whispered in my ear:”Teach me about love making darling.” At last she allowed me to kiss her full lips and caress her soft body. I took her into my arms and nuzzled her neck and felt her full firm breasts as she heatedly moaned with pleasure. Then I began to trace her hard, pink nipples with my fingertips as she gasped like a school girl being touched for the first time.

I lifted her up and began to remove her silky little teddy, slowly lifting it over her head and kissing her breasts. I tossed the teddy onto the floor with her school girl outfit and returned my full attention to her beautiful body. I began licking my way down her smooth belly as I ran my hands gently over her body. I slid my tongue around her belly button and gave it a quick kiss working lower and lower down her svelte form.

At last my tongue reached her clit and circled it slowly while my hands caressed her tight round ass. I kissed and sucked on her clit for awhile before running my tongue over her tight slit. Up and down it my tongue ran teasing her until she began to beg me to lick her pussy. I slid my tongue into her and began to work it slowly and gently in and out of her tasty pussy. I worked her for several minutes, playing with her ass all the while.
She bucked, moaned and wiggled around like a school girl as I worked my tongue back up her body. My lips found her breasts and I began to suck on her tits and run my tongue all around them the wrapped my lips round her perky, pink nipples and sucked on them. Then I ran my hands through her silky hair and kissed her lips, neck, eyelids and forehead as I squeezed her tits.

Breathily she moaned: “No more teasing honey, I you to take me now.” Heeding her , I slid on top of her and gently let my hard cock head rub against her wet mound as I slipped my tongue into her mouth and sucked on her long, narrow, pink tongue to her great delight. I teased her pussy a bit longer rubbing my cock up and down her slit before sliding it into her super wet pussy. I worked her fast and hard, pumping my cock into her with amorous fury.

We were both so hot and bothered that we couldn’t take much more and ground and bumped against each other with sensual fury until at last we exploded together and came all over each other…

We lay in a crumpled exhausted heap on the bed thoroughly satisfied with our passionate night. We gently kissed and caressed each other for a long time sighing with pleasure until at long last we fell asleep in each other’s loving arms.

"Sweet, steamy, sensuous kisses light the bright fires of passionate lust within us." scott6250

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11/9/2018 12:08 pm

Wow what a hot story Scott
With Kim being 20 years plus my junior, maybe we should enjoy this fantasy too

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scott6250 replies on 11/9/2018 1:31 pm:
Thanks. I hear that my friend.

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11/9/2018 12:00 pm

Love those college girls.

"Sweet, steamy, sensuous kisses light the bright fires of passionate lust within us." scott6250

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